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Faculty Hiring Contacts

Hiring Schedule: Elizabeth Roberts
Interfolio: Krista Dichiera
Guidelines, Hiring & Diversity Plans, Training: Nichole Merritt
  1. Choosing a Date for the Visit

    For the 2020 hiring season, talks will take place at 10AM, 12PM, and 2PM (Monday-Friday).

    Please refer to the interview schedule for available dates. When you are ready to schedule, submit a Faculty Candidate Talk Schedule Request.

    If the best date for your candidate has already been scheduled for another candidate, contact the Schedule Coordinator to discuss your options. It is possible to have two candidates give their talks on the same day, but not at the same time, and not if their research areas are similar. If multiple units are involved with a candidate visit (a possible joint hire), it is imperative that the following actions are taken to facilitate a successful visit:
    • A lead unit is determined
    • A primary point of contact (POC) is designated
      • This person (faculty or staff) will be the sole POC between both the candidate and with interviewers
      • This person will work with the candidate and the hiring committee to determine the best possible date(s) for the visit

    Other scheduling constraints may apply, particularly for Teaching Track candidates. Please check with your hiring committee chair to ensure that each candidate's schedule includes the required meetings for their track. 

    Once the candidate's visit date(s) are confirmed with the Schedule Coordinator, the following individuals (in order of importance) should be present during the candidate’s first visit:
    • Faculty & Hiring Committee in the candidate’s area of research
    • Department Head of inviting unit/units
    • Candidate's Host
    • SCS Faculty
    • non-SCS Faculty
    The Dean generally does not meet with first-round faculty candidates (as of January 2018), unless the committee feels that it would be essential to influencing a highly-desirable candidate. If you think that your candidate should meet with the Dean on their first visit, the hiring committee chair should contact the Assistant to the Dean with the candidate’s information, and to schedule the meeting.
  2. Publicizing the Visit

    At least two weeks before the visit, request from your candidate a talk title, abstract, bio, and a headshot (if available), and forward to the Schedule Coordinator. From there it will be posted on the appropriate electronic calendars. Posters will be supplied to the host department and will be posted on bulletin boards in SCS buildings.
  3. Please note that as of March 12, 2020, all faculty candidate interviews will be conducted remotely until further notice.

    Travel Arrangements

    The host and/or their assistant are responsible for making travel arrangements and scheduling for the visiting candidate.

    Communicate with your candidate to see how they would prefer their travel to be arranged: you can request their preferred airport(s) and provide suggested flights, or ask them to provide the exact flights that they would like and book on their behalf.

    CMU encourages prepaying "big ticket" items such as airline and hotel through the University, which also relieves the candidate from having to wait for reimbursement.

    If the candidate’s visit to CMU is one leg of a multiple-destination trip, it is best for the candidate to book their own travel and then submit the portions of travel relevant to the CMU trip for reimbursement. Candidates should be reminded that if they make their own flight arrangements they need to send us the ticket before any upgrades are applied. CMU will only reimburse non-refundable coach class fare. If you have any questions about how to handle this kind of reimbursement, please talk with your Business Manager.

    Charges are to be paid by the unit/department likely to hire. These include:
    • Airfare
    • Hotel
    • Local Transportation
    • other customary and incidental expenses (e.g. meals) accrued during the visit
    Charges may be split between units/departments, as deemed appropriate. Charge numbers are available through the specific department’s Business Office.

    CMU will not pay for personal or recreational items, i.e. in-room movies. Hosts are responsible to ask candidates to save all receipts, as well as, complete and submit their reimbursement form after the trips conclusion.


    There are several hotels in the area at which you may book rooms for you candidate visits, including (but not limited to):

    Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University Place
    The Oaklander Hotel, Autograph Collection
    Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center
    Shadyside Inn & Suites

    Please note that the special rate extended to Carnegie Mellon applies only when CMU is paying the bill. Candidates who pay directly will not receive discounted rates.


    Local Transportation

    A shuttle van from the airport is provided to the Hilton and Wyndham, operated through the Super Shuttle ($25 one way). Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-BLUE-VAN or by visiting their website.

    Taxi fare is approximately $60 one way; Uber and Lyft are usually a little less expensive (~$40 one way, depending on time of day).

    Hotel shuttles offer service within a 3 mile radius. Reservations based on a first come, first serve basis. ~1 hour notice prior to the time service is needed; reservations can be made at the front desk.

    Gateway Limousine works with SCS and is familiar with the airport and NSH drop off points (412) 782-5800.

    From other locations the best way to get to CMU is via taxi or Uber/Lyft. The most convenient stop for both shuttle and taxi is the Hillman entrance on Forbes Ave.

  4. Please note that as of March 12, 2020, all faculty candidate interviews will be conducted remotely until further notice.

    Candidate Interview Schedule

    Each unit that is involved in interviewing the candidate should be actively involved in the creation of the interview schedule. If a candidate is being hosted by multiple units, it is important to determine which unit will be the lead, and who the primary point of contact (POC) will be.

    If multiple units are involved in contributing to the schedule, the lead unit will work with the other unit(s) to determine which faculty (and/or staff, students) should be included on the interview schedule.

    Faculty candidates should meet with the following people (in order of importance):
    • Faculty & Hiring Committee in the candidate’s area of research
    • Department Head of inviting unit/units
    • Candidate's Host
    • SCS Faculty - particularly in the host department(s)
    • non-SCS Faculty in the candidate’s area of research, if applicable

    Creating a Visiting Schedule

    The schedule will typically consist of a mix of 30-60 minute meetings. Meetings often run late, so try to place a one-hour slot after a few half-hour slots: this allows an opportunity to catch up by shortening the next one-hour slot. Try to build in at least one 15-30 minute break for your candidate, if possible - right after lunch is usually a good time.

    Sometimes it makes sense for two individuals to share a slot, for example, if they are collaborating extensively on a project. This may also be an effective way to use time for individuals far from the candidate's area of experience (i.e. members of the recruiting committee). It is not advised to have more than two individuals at a time.

    Be sure to allow a few minutes for travel to various offices and buildings.

    As the host, you should be the first person on the candidate's schedule, if possible. You are responsible for the candidate knowing their scheduling, including the various individuals they will be meeting with.

    Lunch with Students

    Candidates usually enjoy meeting graduate students. A lunch meeting is a good way for the candidate to talk with graduate students with no faculty present.

    Try to include 3-5 students from different groups, and work with them to confirm details of the lunch. You may choose to order catering and book a room on campus for them, or ask them to take the candidate to a nearby restaurant. If you choose the latter, ask one student to pick up the tab for the group, and submit a reimbursement for them following the visit.

    Final Schedule

    Prior to the interview (24 hours in advance), verify every individual on the schedule has received their copy of the candidate's interview schedule. A copy must also be sent via email to the Schedule Coordinator and the Assistant to the Dean.

    Don’t forget to send a copy of the final schedule to your candidate, along with a summary of their travel itinerary.

  5. Please note that as of March 12, 2020, all faculty candidate interviews will be conducted remotely until further notice. 

    Candidate Talk

    All interview talks are in GHC 6115 and NSH 4305, with few exceptions. Talk slots are 90 minutes long. The talk should consist of 45-60 minutes for the candidate's presentation and 30 minutes for questions and discussion. Obtain enough biographical details from the candidate to allow the host to make a brief introduction to the audience. 

    The host is responsible for ensuring that the talk starts and ends on time, and that the questions and discussions don't degenerate into unproductive debates. At the same time, of course, it is entirely appropriate for the audience to ask deep and probing questions of faculty candidates. The host will have to exercise good judgment in deciding when to terminate a discussion — it is important to let the candidate complete the talk and to not be derailed by too many questions. Most questions should be deferred until after the talk. 

    The SCS Dean’s Office will arrange for refreshments to be provided; they will be charged to the hosting department. The SCS Dean’s Office will also arrange for the room setup and for video recording of the candidate. The recording will be placed on the interview schedule for faculty members to view. If you have any questions, contact the Schedule Coordinator.
  6. Please note that as of March 12, 2020, all faculty candidate interviews will be conducted remotely until further notice. 


    Dinner is an excellent opportunity to get to know the candidate informally. The faculty host should coordinate and attend the dinner. Include a small group of faculty (typically two or three) to accompany you. This is a good opportunity for faculty who did not get a chance to talk to the candidate earlier. It's also a good time to find out where else the candidate is interviewing, where they are leaning towards, whether they have specific concerns, etc. Regarding expenses, you should try to be generous without being extravagant.

    Your department will cover the expense of the meals.  As faculty host for the candidate, it is your responsibility to check with your business office prior to the visit about customary/reasonable meal expenses.  Remember that the candidate you are hosting is likely one of several that the department is considering.  Some effort should be made to keep overall expenses for these meals within reason through limiting number of attendees or by making prudent choices about venue.

  7. Before the Candidate's Departure

    Make sure to review the process for submitting expense reimbursements. Expenses should be charged to the SCS unit into which the candidate would be likely to be hired. If this is more than one unit, expenses should be shared. Discuss the visit, and what the candidate's impressions, concerns, etc. are.

  8. Collecting Feedback

    After the visit, the host/POC should send email to the faculty who met with the candidate and ask for their comments. Comments should be collated and sent to the hiring committee and department head / director. You may also wish to add remarks of your own such as the likelihood of the candidate coming to CMU if he is made an offer, etc.
  9. Staying in Touch

    Most of the host’s responsibilities are over with the conclusion of the visit and collection of feedback. The one remaining responsibility is to continue to stay in touch with the candidate and to stay informed about offers received, deadlines, etc.
  10. Please note that as of April 5, 2021, faculty candidates who have been extended an offer by a department in SCS may be invited to visit campus. See below for guidance and required actions for an on-campus visit.

    The Second Visit

    If, after the hiring committee and voting faculty in the hiring department decide that they are interested in making an offer to a candidate, the candidate will be invited back for a second visit.

    The second visit is very different from the first visit, and each one is unique. This is our time to really sell SCS, CMU, and the City of Pittsburgh to the candidate. The candidate may bring along their spouse/significant other, and that person may also be seeking out employment options in the area. The candidate may have (or may be thinking about having) children, and might be interested in checking out childcare options. They may want to meet with more faculty, or they may want to tour some available homes in the area. Each second visit should be tailored to what the candidate wants out of the visit, and it’s our job to find out what they want and help make it happen.

    All candidates should meet with the dean for 30 minutes during their second visit. Contact Nichole Merritt to schedule. You may want to be in touch with the dean's office as you are working out the dates for the second visit, to be sure that the dean will be in town. If the dean is not available during the visit, they will get in touch with the candidate directly to arrange a remote meeting.

    Second visits can be anywhere from a single day to a long weekend. Make sure you check with your department’s business office to be clear about the budget for your candidate’s visit. If your candidate has a spouse/significant other who is also seeking employment, notify your hiring committee chair and department head immediately. Often, they are able to work with their colleagues, and the dean, to help identify opportunities.

    If your candidate’s spouse/significant other will also be in town for the second visit, you may want to also arrange some meetings for them. This is very much a case-by-case scenario; make sure you communicate with your candidate to see what they would like.

    Spring 2021 Second Visit Guidelines

    Visitors to our campus are currently strongly discouraged.  However, exception processes are in place in cases of a strong need.  Note that this information applies to indoor visits (outdoor visits have a different process).  Note also that  these processes are subject to change (and visits subject to cancellation) on short notice based on a changing health situation and/or government or CMU guidance.

    To request an exception, please send the information below to Philip Lehman, who will work with you and the CMU COVID Coordination Team on the request.  Please also feel free to ask for advice or assistance.


    Information for a visitor request:

    • Visitor/visit Information
      • Name
      • Date(s) of the visit
      • Purpose
      • Point of origin and mode of travel
    • From / for visitor
      • A PDF or image of a signed Waiver/Assumption of Risk (form) in advance of the trip (generally with the request)
      • Assertions that the visitor
        • has had / will have a negative COVID test within 3 days prior to travel (of course anyone with a positive test should not come),
        • has read, understood, and agreed to the Minimum Requirements (web, PDF),
        • will provide the daily self assessment (fillable form) to the host,
        • will use Low Risk travel (link) to the extent possible (examples: drive alone if driving, no in-restaurant dining, mask when in public, only ordering take-out or room service while staying in Pittsburgh and remain self-isolated after hours during the visit).
    • For the host (CMU faculty/staff member)
      • The host's name (it may help to have more than one to share duties),
      • Whether the host(s) is already on the campus access list (Philip help check),
      • Assertions that the host(s)
        • takes responsibility for accompanying the visitor (in a physically distanced way and masked) at all times when the visitor is on campus,
        • will return the forms (Waiver pre-trip, and daily Self Assessment above) to Philip,
        • will participate in daily Self Assessment, Tartan Testing, and follow the Minimum Requirements.
    • Other
      • Any proposed (small) meetings: attendees, indoor / outdoor spaces to be used, mitigation plan (consistent with CMU Minimum Requirements)
      • Generally, there will be no eating indoors on campus by or with the visitor


  11. Resources for Relocating to Pittsburgh

    When a candidate expresses serious interest in the logistics of moving to Pittsburgh, or after they have accepted, you will be their best resource. Moving to a new city can be stressful, but you can help alleviate some of the guesswork for your candidate by sharing some of your experiences, and offering guidance for things like neighborhoods, utilities, and transportation.

    A good resource for relocating to Pittsburgh, which is helpful both for people who are actually relocating and for people who are considering relocating. Visit our CMU campus site for more about Pittsburgh.

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