Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

"I hope the field of computer science never loses its sense of fun."

Alan J. Perlis

Current Recipients

Every spring, the School of Computer Science honors outstanding faculty and staff members during the annual Founders Day ceremony in Rashid Auditorium. It is a time for sharing our collective efforts, recognizing the good work of faculty and staff, as well as looking towards the future of SCS. 

The seventh year of the event was hosted by Dean Andrew Moore.

Academic Award Recipients

Allen Newell Award for Research Excellence: Tuomas Sandholm and Noam Brown, for their work in advancing artificial intelligence in hidden-information adversarial settings and demonstrating this via Libratus, the first poker program capable of defeating top human players.

Alan J. Perlis Award for Imagination in Computer Science: Tom Mitchell, Professor in the Machine Learning Department (MLD), recognized as a CMU person who has shown sustained creativity in out-of-the-box computer science, leading to demonstrated real-world impact. 

Joel and Ruth Spira Teaching Award (sponsored by Lutron Electronics Co.): Andy Pavlo, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD), recognized for excellence in the classroom.

Herbert Simon Award for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science: John Mackey, Teaching Professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD), as selected by SCS students.

Staff Recognition Award Recipients

Rookie of the Year: Erin Driskill, Assistant to the Department Head for the Computational Biology Department.

Outstanding Staff Award: Krista Dichiera, Administrative Assistant in the SCS Deans Office, and Angy Malloy, Administrative Assistant in the Computer Science Department. 

Individual Dedication Award: Jessica Butterbaugh, Administrative Assistant in the Robotics Institute and Ryan Ries, Business Manager for the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

Sustained Excellence Award: Victoria Homitsky, Associate Business Manager in the Robotics Institute and Diane Stidle, Graduate Program Manager in the Machine Learning Department.

2019 Staff Recognition Nominees

Check back shortly for the 2019 Nominees.