Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

"I hope the field of computer science never loses its sense of fun."

Alan J. Perlis


Current Recipients

Every spring, the School of Computer Science honors outstanding faculty and staff members during the annual Founders Day ceremony in Rashid Auditorium. It is a time for sharing our collective efforts, recognizing the good work of faculty and staff, as well as looking towards the future of SCS. 

Academic Award Recipients

Joel and Ruth Spira Teaching Award (sponsored by Lutron): Michael Hilton - Associate Teaching Professor, ISR

Newell Award for Research Excellence: Carl Kingsford - Professor, CBD, Robert Patro (UMD, former CMU) and Stephen Mount (UMD)

Simon Teaching Award: David Woodruff - Associate Professor, CSD

Alan J. Perlis Award: Robert Murphy - Ray and Stephanie Lane Professor of Computational Biology, Emeritus

Service Award Recipients

A. Nico Habermann Educational Service Award: Erin Cawley - Program Manager, CS Academy and Evan Mallory - Principal Software Developer, CS Academy 

Staff Recognition Award Recipients

Outstanding Teamwork: ISR Video Team: Jim Tobin, John Lombardo, Aaron Caldwell, Dave Ambroso, Kevin Kerston, and Cole Handerhan and the Sail() Team, TEEL Lab: Zoie Adams, Marshall An, Erin Davis, Siddharth Kandimalla, Divya Prem, Baljit Singh, & Adam Zhang

Outstanding Staff: Dorothy Holland-Minkley, MLD

Individual Dedication: Connie Herold, ISR and Sasha Balobeshkina, LTI

Sustained Excellence: Jean Harpley, RI

Rookie of the Year: Hadley Pratt, RI

Citizenship: Chris Kissell, SCS Dean's Office

2021 Staff Recognition Nominees

Nominated by: Jamie Callan, Bryan Burtner, and Anonymous Nominators 

“...never ceases to astound me...unflappable...her efforts are highlighted by an uncommon display of initiative and perseverance."

Nominated by: Nichole Merritt

"...her love of SCS and its people - is second to none...endless energy to plan and execute events at all hours of the day, any day of the year... incalculable amount of institutional knowledge she possesses.”

Nominated by: Nick Frollini and Travis Breaux

“...has exceeded our wildest expectations...tremendous accomplishments...TRANSFORMED programs, spaces, and staff”

Nominated by: Christian Olmeda

“...Mike has managed to deliver on all fronts throughout the unprecedented challenges of this very fortunate to have him”

Nominated by: Cheryl Wehrer, Matt Mason, and Kevin Zhang

“An outstanding example of excellence...always cheerful attitude...simply outstanding in everyway...genuinely a role model for all staff...selflessness and commitment to the university.”

Nominated by: Jim Herbsleb, Monika DeReno and the entire ISR Community

“...goes beyond what is expected...has consistently demonstrated that her passion for our students, and her commitment to them, is truly exceptional.”

Nominated by: David Garlan, Roni Rosenfeld and Thomas Cortina

“...extraordinary commitment to excellence...font of policy, institutional memory, and wisdom...“miracle worker”...outstanding in many ways, and represents the best of SCS...enthusiasm and smile are contagious.”

Nominated by: George Darakos

“...epitome of a team player...always willing to jump in, make recommendations on how we can be better as a team and take on additional responsibilities...”Chris' heart is truly in the work - he loves CMU...he has been

Nominated by: Anonymous 

“...the engine behind the program...has a solution to every problem...she calmed my anxieties”

Nominated by: Anonymous

“...taken her position with gusto... on her way to becoming a pro that everyone will turn to for advice."

Nominated by: Deborah Zalewski

“...very quickly became the "guru"..."can do", "no problem" simply put, on the ball...rare kind of admin”

Nominated by: Elizabeth Auld

“ resource for information...always happy to help and share whatever she knows...has the pulse on the needs of all her colleagues, and is a true asset to the entire school.”

Nominated by: Skip Shelly

“...seasoned veteran...internally driven to do the right thing...continuously improves operations without request...we rely on the trust that Nicole has built with students to serve them best."

Nominated by: Phillip Compeau and Russell Scwhartz

“...always gets the small touches right...always two steps ahead...model staff members...responsibility, diligence, initiative, and willingness to go well beyond what is asked”

Nominated by:  James Herbsleb

“...continue to innovate... helped assemble exceptional introductory videos for our PhD programs, as well for individual faculty... helped us respond quickly and effectively to the rapidly changing work environment and virtual setting... their quality of work has always been exceptional... I have often witnessed them go the extra mile”

Nominated by: Krista McGuigan and Allison Blair

“...significant positive impact on LTI... always offering help, volunteering their individual knowledge, and stepping up to make sure nobody is left behind or overwhelmed... the heart of our organization...kept the department humming ”

Nominated by: David Wettergreen, Nick Gisolfi, and Cheryl Wehrer

“... seems that every few weeks, the Media Team is rolling out new capabilities and content... their distinctive teamwork is allowing the rest of the RI to operate as a team that supports one another ”

Nominated by: Majd Sakr, Christopher Bogart, Carolyn Rose, Colleen Everett, and Jaromir Savelka

“...many contributions and will continue to improve broader participation in the computer science and information technology workforce...this team has been tireless and capable... an amazing team, coordinating like a well oiled machine...  ”