Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

"I hope the field of computer science never loses its sense of fun."

Alan J. Perlis

Current Recipients

Every spring, the School of Computer Science honors outstanding faculty and staff members during the annual Founders Day ceremony in Rashid Auditorium. It is a time for sharing our collective efforts, recognizing the good work of faculty and staff, as well as looking towards the future of SCS. 

The eighth year of the event took place on April 2, 2019 and was hosted by Tom Mitchell.

Academic Award Recipients

Joel and Ruth Spira Teaching Award (sponsored by Lutron Electronics Co.): Mor Harchol-Balter, Professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD), recognized for excellence in the classroom.

Herbert Simon Award for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science: Anupam Gupta, Professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD), as selected by SCS students.

 A. Nico Habermann Educational Service Award: Kit Needham, Senior Business Advisor in the Computer Science Department (CSD), recognized for outstanding teaching and contributions to the educational experience within SCS.

Staff Recognition Award Recipients

Rookie of the Year: Diana Rotondo, Administrative Coordinator for the Human Computer Interaction Institute and Ashley Song, Senior Administrative Coordinator in the Robotics Institute.

Outstanding Staff Award: Nick Frollini, Deputy Director in the Institute for Software Research and Jenny Belardi, Director of Development in the SCS Dean’s Office. 

Individual Dedication Award: Elizabeth Roberts, Applications Coordinator in the SCS Dean’s Office.

Teamwork Award: Erin Cawley, Program Manager for the CS Academy in the Computer Science Department.

Sustained Excellence Award: Queenie Kravitz, Associate Director of the Human Computer Interaction Institute PhD Program.

2019 Staff Recognition Nominees

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominators 

“...the Ultimate Team player, he will bend over backward to help you out. He will not let you fail!...proactive in finding ways to improve our processes and communication with the vendor and customers...someone we can depend on to always exceed expectations..." 

Nominated by: Tessa Samuelson

“...has adeptly taken on challenge after challenge...has already shifted the LTI culture with her demand of herself and others to be more professional and thorough with the details.”

Nominated by: Ziv Bar-Joseph and Robert Murphy 

“...without her the center would have been much less successful to date...has greatly contributed to its successful rollout...”

Nominated by: Deborah Zalewski

“Well organized and diligent, she is always quick to respond to requests with a positive and friendly attitude...She is a fantastic colleague and a great team member.”

Nominated by: Edward Walter

“...engaged with external partners, internal subject matter experts, and the community we serve...marked improvement in the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the information.”

Nominated by: Debra Tobin

“Brian is the real deal - he is a problem solver on every level, always engaged, always friendly, always positive and optimistic. It is a constant joy working with a professional who is so very committed, focused and full of

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“ amazing team member...his story-telling is incredible...makes sure that SCS communications flow smoothly internally and externally...”

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominator

“She is always smiling and ready to listen to us...Cheryl makes sure that whatever your problem is, it will always be solved.”

Nominated by: Anonymous Nomination

“They work in such a harmony to create media contents...these efforts increase our visibility and help us communicate our research..."

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominator

“She clearly has positive relationships with her co-workers, and celebrates their successes right along with her own. She is kind, funny, loves succulents and penguins and the Penguins, and always wants to learn something new.”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“ of a kind...goes above and incredible team-member...”

Nominated by: Nichole Merritt, Diana Hyde, Kathy McNiff, Colleen Everett, and AnnMarie Zanger

“...professional, personable and very dedicated to the success of the CS Department...hard-working and a great asset..."

Nominated by: David Kosbie, Mark Stehlik, and AnnMarie Zanger

“...simply astounding...The student team adores her, our partners in the field rave about her. Without Erin, this project would simply collapse...With her, we are thriving...”

Nominated by: Majd Sakr

“...does not shy away from complexity and always manages to learn about the situation and get answers no matter how complicated the issue is.”

Nominated by: Thomas Wilk

“...Ivan was able to educate us on a better approach...A huge thanks to Ivan for thinking outside of the box...”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“...always welcomes new ideas, and gives critical constructive feedback...always brings a positive attitude and is always ready to help...”

Nominated by: Danielle Hoffman, Laura Everhart, and Katie Coan

“She is a born leader but also a marvelous collaborator...The pride and integrity that she brings to her work and to her interactions with others is an inspiration and a great source of motivation in my own work.”

Nominated by: Krista McGuigan and Bryan Burtner

“...acts as a calming influence on the department's entire administrative staff (and many of its faculty members), remaining unflappable even in the most hectic times...fastidious work ethic as well as her welcoming and professional demeanor...”

Nominated by: Christian Olmeda

“...has demonstrated the patience, dedication and technical skill...Joe's sense of awareness of issues (some evident and some yet to present themselves) are a reflection of his ability to see big-picture and has helped us time and time again.”

Nominated by: Ashley Patton

“Jonathan does the impossible every single day...If I know a superhero, it's him."

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominator 

“...someone I look up to...great to work with and has a good sense of humor. I don't know how she does it!"

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominator

“...balancing act of adapting to new responsibilities, learning new tools, working on different technology, all while managing project engagement on several different fronts...”

Nominated by: Jeff Legault 

“...a remarkable impact...experience and expertise...undeniably a key contributor to NREC success!”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“...incredible team members and leaders...dedication and world-class innovation mindset that
continuously welcomes new ideas and allows the department members to continuously innovate...”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“ of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure to meet...welcomes innovation, ideas, new ways of doing things and is always pre-disposed to outstanding individual...”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“ outstanding director of marketing that has helped SCS overachiever...”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“ incredible outstanding team player that goes above and beyond to assure that the faculty members she supports...can complete our work, projects, and demands in a timely fashion.”

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominators 

“...places great trust in his employees, and leads by example and a great listener and always willing to stop to assist...shares much of his time and energy being a teacher, mentor, and coach...”

Nominated by: Jodi Forlizzi, HCII Faculty, and PhD Students

“Her wisdom...shines through in the initiatives and efforts she has introduced to the department...Queenie is a person without shadows, only light...superhuman powers of patience, generosity, and fierce dedication to the HCII..."

Nominated by: Anonymous Nominator

“Her relationships with students and the level of care and support she is providing is simply

Nominated by: Christian Olmeda

“ a short period of time has demonstrated a dedication to our community that goes above and beyond the
expectation we had of him...enormous character and respect for teams both internal and external...”

Nominated by: Roberto Iriondo

“...amazing writer and overachiever...story-telling in a way no-one has.”

Nominated by: Cheryl Wehrer, David Wettergreen, and Nick Gisolfi

“Suzanne’s behind the scenes loyalty and mentorship is the root of our many successes in education programs for RI...If we need a measure of Suzanne’s extraordinary dedication it would be the success and happiness of our doctoral students...she’s universally appreciated for what she contributes to them individually and collectively.”