Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

 If you need to to retrieve items from your office or lab, please contact the SCS Building Facilities team to make arrangements.

Campus Access for Research and Education

Access to campus for research and education is now being considered on a case-by-case basis, and is subject to approval by the dean and the Vice Provost for Research.

If you or your team need to return to campus for research or educational purposes, please contact the SCS Research Continuity team.

See SCS Research Project On Campus Restart Process for SCS-specific guidance.

To submit your request for access to campus, please visit CMU's Research Status page for guidance and complete a Return to On-site Research Plan.

Return to Campus

Presently, all work – including events – that can be conducted remotely must continue to be conducted remotely. We expect that this guidance will continue through fall, and will update this space as further guidance becomes available. See CMU's Returning to Campus website for more information.

Anyone returning to on-site work must first receive university approval.

A similar process will be created for staff whose work does not fall into teaching or research categories, and we will communicate that process when it is available. 

SCS Liaisons for Educational and Research Continuity

Education Continuity

If you have questions related to conducting your course remotely, please see the FAQ page or contact your department's academic continuity liaison.

email_favicon.png Contact

SCS: Guy Blelloch
CBD: Phillip Compeau
CSD: Dave Eckhardt and Mark Stehlik
HCII: Chinmay Kulkarni
ISR: Charlie Garrod
LTI: Carolyn Rose
MLD: Matt Gormley and Dorothy Holland-Minkley
RI: David Wettergreen

Research Continuity

If you have questions related to conducting your research remotely, please contact your department's research continuity liaison.

email_favicon.png Contact

SCS: Philip Lehman
CBD: Josh Kangas
CSD: Phil Gibbons
Cylab: Lorrie Cranor
HCII: Brad Myers
ISR: Fei Fang
LTI: Maxine Eskenazi
MLD: Eric Xing
RI: Howie Choset
NREC: Herman Herman

SCS Back to Campus Team

The SCS Back to Campus team is working to prepare SCS staff, faculty and students to gradually return to our physical facilities.  The group's activities will include discussion of conditions, priorities, and implementation. Members will communicate directly with their constituencies; if you have suggestions or questions about returning campus, please contact your representative.

Mary Jo Bensasi, LTI
Jessica Colnago, PhD Students
Colleen Everett, CSD
Philip Lehman, Research
Jian Ma, CBD
Tom Pope, ISR
Carolyn Rose, HCII & SCS Council
Walt Schearer, Dean's Office & Computing
Paul Stockhausen, Facilities
Deb Tobin, RI
Kelly Widmaier, MLD

SCS Classroom Technologies Team

The SCS Classroom Technologies Team are working to update conference rooms and classrooms throughout SCS with advanced technology solutions to better facilitate distance learning and digital communications from on campus.

email_favicon.png Contact

Umut Acar
Kirk Berthold
Aaron Caldwell

SCS Resilience Team

The SCS Resilience Team meets daily to review current and potential issues in SCS related to the school’s ongoing strategy for continuing education and research. 

email_favicon.png Contact

Martial Hebert, SCS Dean
Tom Cortina, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
David Garlan, Associate Dean for Master's Programs
Bob Frederking, Associate Dean for PhD Programs
Philip Lehman, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Nichole Merritt, Assistant Director of Administration
Mark Power, Chief Marketing Officer
Walt Schearer, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration