Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Pandemic Safety Officers

A Pandemic Safety Officer (PSO) is an individual identified by their Department head or supervisor to assist with the development, support and regular reviews of their organization’s Return to Campus Plan. A PSO ensures that colleagues have the information and resources to comply with the minimum Return to Campus requirements.

Below is a list of SCS's Pandemic Safety Officers and the SCS buildings in which they are primarly assigned. If you are forming a Return to Campus Plan, please refer to the list below to help identify an appropriate PSO for your plan.

Dean's Office

  • Jamie Gregory, All SCS Buildings
  • Mike Malloy, All SCS Buildings
  • Nichole Merritt, Gates and Hillman Centers, Newell-Simon, 417 S Craig
  • Luke Padezan, All SCS Buildings
  • Walter Schearer, All SCS Buildings
  • Paul Stockhausen, All SCS Buildings

Computational Biology Department

  • Ashley Brown, Mellon Institute
  • Joshua Kangas, Gates and Hillman Centers, Mellon Institute

Computer Science Department

  • Colleen Everett, Gates and Hillman Centers



  • Anand Ganpat Bhat, Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
  • Elaheh Soltanaghaei Koupaei, Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
  • Nuno Alexandre Magalhaes Pereira, Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center

Human-Computer Interaction Institute

  • Christopher Harrison, 407-409 South Craig St.
  • John Zimmerman, Newell-Simon Hall

Institute for Software Research

  • Jonathan Aldrich, Wean Hall
  • Paul Bowes, Wean Hall
  • Thomas Pope, Wean Hall
  • Travis Breaux, Wean Hall
  • Yuvraj Agarwal, Wean Hall

Language Technology Institute

  • Angela Miller, Gates and Hillman Centers


  • James Montgomery, NREC
  • Robert Bittner, NREC

Robotics Institute

  • Jean Harpley, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Cameron Riviere, Newell-Simon Hall
  •  Charles Hart, Newell-Simon Hall
  • David Held, Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall
  • Fatma Zeynep Temel, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Greg Armstrong, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Henny Admoni, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Howard Choset, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Ioannis Gkioulekas, Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall
  • Justin Macey, Wean Hall
  • Lu Li, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Matthew Mason, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Matthew O'Toole, Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall
  • Oliver Kroemer, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Ralph Hollis, Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall
  • Robert Maclachlan, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Robert Tamburo, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Steven Willits, Gates and Hillman Centers
  • Suqin He, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Timothy Angert, Newell-Simon Hall
  • Warren Whittaker, Newell-Simon Hall, Gates and Hillman Centers
  • Wennie Tabib, Gates and Hillman Centers
  • Wenzhen Yuan, Newell-Simon Hall