Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Council

SCS Council is a leadership group that includes the Dean of SCS, Associate Deans, and Directors and Department Heads from each of the School's seven academic departments, as well as an additional faculty representative from each department. SCS Council meets roughly once a week to discuss college business. The broad-ranging agenda for our meetings consists of topics brought to the group by council members, with a sprinkling of priority initiatives of school leadership and some topical social issues. The discussions often include review and approval of new academic programs, faculty candidates, and policies.

SCS Council Members

Howie Choset, RI
Phillip Compeau, CBD
Tom Cortina, CSD/Associate Dean
Lorrie Cranor, S3D/CyLab
Mona Diab, LTI
Fei Fang, S3D
Jodi Forlizzi, HCII
Bob Frederking, LTI/Associate Dean
David Garlan, S3D/Associate Dean

Khaled Harras, Qatar-CS
Martial Hebert, Dean
James Herbsleb, S3D
Herman Herman, NREC
Matthew Johnson-Roberson, RI
Philip Lehman, Associate Dean
Nichole Merritt, Dean's Office
Brad Myers, HCII
Amy Ogan, HCII

Bhiksha Raj, LTI
Roni Rosenfeld, MLD
Russell Schwartz, CBD
Walt Schearer, Associate Dean
Srini Seshan, CSD
Elaine Shi, CSD
Virginia Smith, MLD
Reid Simmons, RI
Cheryl Wehrer, RI