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Faculty Hiring

These links provide access to resources relevant to candidate hiring. These documents and resources may be internal to SCS and some may connect to campus resources; some of these resources may be secured behind Shibboleth and require Andrew credentials for access.


Are you a new faculty member in the School of Computer Science?

Check out our Resources for New Faculty page,  which includes information on relocating to Pittsburgh, links to SCS and campus resources, suggestions for maintaining work/life balance, and more. 

Recent Faculty Hires

Faculty Hiring Committees 2020-21

Internal Appointments

Nancy Pollard, Co-Chair
Stephanie Rosenthal, Co-Chair
Phillip Compeau
Jason Hong
Seyoung Kim
Terry Lee
Lori Levin
Pradeep Ravikumar
Bradley Schmerl
Reid Simmons

Computational Biology Department

Jian Ma, Chair
Marcel Bruchez (external)
Wei Wu
Min Xu

Computer Science Department

Keenan Crane, Chair
Ryan O'Donnell
Kelly Rivers
Weina Wang
Zico Kolter
Jan Hoffmann
Nathan Beckmann
Matt Fredrikson

Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Amy Ogan, Chair
Vincent Aleven
Sarah Fox
John Zimmerman

Institute for Software Research - Tenure Track

Lujo Bauer, Chair
Kathleen Carley
Mayank Goel
Michael Hilton
Eunsuk Kang
Christian Kastner
Tom Magelinski
Hirokazu Shirado  (external)
Jenna Wise
Bogdan Vasilescu

Institute for Software Research - Teaching Track

Matt Bass, Co-Chair
Charlie Garrod, Co-Chair
Travis Breaux
Fei Fang
Chris Garner
Michael Hilton
Terry Lee
Eduardo Miranda

Language Technologies Institute

Eric Nyberg, Chair
Graham Neubig
Bhiksha Raj
Carolyn Rose
Yiming Yang

Machine Learning Department

Tom Mitchell, Chair
Zack Lipton
Leila Wehbe
Rayid Ghani
Andrej Risteski

Robotics Institute

Aaron Steinfeld, Chair
Howie Choset
Changliu Liu
Deva Ramanan
Sebastian Scherer
Zeynep Temel
Victoria Dean
Leo Keselman
Cecilia Morales Garza