Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Consulting Faculty Policy


Individuals who were formerly faculty in the School of Computer Science may desire to remain connected to the school in a professional capacity without being a full-time employee of the university. A typical candidate will have been a senior faculty in the School who went on to work in industry and became very distinguished in his or her career. The appointment of Consulting Professor shall be a three-year term, to be reviewed by SCS College Council at the end of each term.


Consulting Professors will have a distinguished career in computer science and a strong affiliation with the university. Individuals with this designation are outstanding former faculty who have left the university and are not affiliated with any other university. This title and its benefits are exclusive; the Consulting Professor title supersedes any other faculty title and is reserved for those with corresponding stature and reputation. This designation is not intended for Emeritus faculty.


Consulting Professors in the School of Computer Science should demonstrate continued strong ties to the school and the university. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • On-campus lectures (at the school or university level) or course instruction;
  • Service on an advisory council;
  • Contributions to projects, including sponsored projects;
  • Outreach on behalf of the school/university.


Benefits for Consulting Professors may include the following:

  • Ability to co-advise graduate students and/or serve as an internal thesis committee member (subject to approval from the relevant department);
  • Use of Carnegie Mellon affiliation on research papers and media communications;
  • Retention of a [sponsored] Carnegie Mellon ID card and all corresponding privileges (subject to approval from the relevant department).


Nominees should be first announced to relevant faculty and discussed and approved at the department level. The corresponding department head (or designee) shall bring forth the formal nomination to the SCS College Council for discussion and approval. The dean shall make the final approval. Formal letters will be extended from the SCS Dean’s Office for each three-year term.