Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

SCS Courtesy and Adjunct Appointments


The major purpose of making Courtesy and Adjunct faculty appointments is to stimulate and recognize the participation in the SCS environment of people with whom our faculty would like to interact, both in research and education. This interaction may take the form of presentation of lectures, involvement in research projects, or discussions with graduate students.

A Courtesy appointment is made to a person who holds a full-time position in another department, school, or unit at Carnegie Mellon. An Adjunct appointment is made to a person who does not hold any other position at Carnegie Mellon.

  • Neither appointment may include a salary or consulting fee.
  • A person holding either position may be asked for their opinion or advice on SCS matters of organization and faculty appointments, but will not have voting rights (at the discretion of the Department Head).
  • An Adjunct faculty member is considered to be an external member of a student's thesis committee, except in cases where the person was a full-time faculty member immediately prior to the adjunct appointment. A faculty member with a Courtesy appointment is an internal member of the thesis committee. Neither position authorizes the sole or joint advisorship of graduate students without the express consent of the Department Head.

While we expect such appointments will be made to highly qualified candidates, it is perhaps too strong to say the appointees must be people to whom we would make a regular faculty offer, since there may be cases where we would want to appoint

  • people who work in disciplines other than computer science and would not qualify for a regular CS faculty position, or
  • other computer scientists who have special expertise but might not qualify for a regular CS faculty position.

Each appointment will be reviewed by the Department Head every three years to determine whether or not the appointment should be continued. Renewal will be dependent upon evidence of productive collaboration with members of SCS.

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